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Sounds of Sovereignty New Year Promo

This is a great gift for those Hard Rock Music lovers of yours! This is also a Limited Time Offer, so grab those tasty tunes whilst ye can! Happy & Safe Holidays to all!

Grab this deal!
(the link above will take you to my latest single,'The Darkside'. Just below that single is a link to the Discography sale.)

The New EP is Fully Tracked. Aw'ye'ah!

Brandon Soto Edgewater Studio Sessions

So the venture out to Sugar Land, TX to track at Edgewater Studios was great. Smooth commute, smooth stay, smooth tracking = all good. Luckily, my cold/severe as-folk allergies (that decided to show up 2 days before the trip) was pretty much gone by the time we tracked vocals; bonus.

Be sure to check out the Imagery section of the website as it will be updated soon with some studio pics.

In Writing and Pre-Production Mode

Been in writting and pre-production mode for a bit here, getting geared up for my recording session in a couple of weeks and the excitement is escalating furrr shure!

Recording in Houston this Fall!

Extremely pumped to be recording this Fall with some top professionals at Edgewater Studio/Music Group!! Took a road trip this past weekend to Houston to meet with my future producers and engineers. Their work is simply amazing! More to come in the months ahead.

Some Great Feedback for The Darkside!

Getting some crowd reviews back from listeners for 'The Darkside' and here is some of what they're saying!

  • "...definitely an alternative chart topper..."
  • "...the intensity is so rock and roll. I love it."
  • "...I love it all! Something I'd listen to everyday!"
  • "It sounds like a song from an epic movie, the vocals are sexy..."

Thank you to all that took the time to jam this tune and share your thoughts and opinions about it!

iTunes, Spotify, and Many More!

My new single is now available on numerous online retailers and streaming services, most notably iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. You will also be able to grab this single through Bandcamp as well.

This tune,'The Darkside', really has a lot to say in its message of truly understanding the world that surrounds us and who we are in it. There's no higher knowledge that one can have. Much love!

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Snag Your Copy of 'The Darkside'!

Firstly, I would love to thank those of you who joined and attened the Digital Release FB event for this new single. Good stuff! If you missed your chance to download 'The Darkside' for free, you can still snag a copy of the tune by clicking the button below. Enjoy!


Join the Online Digital Release Event!

On this coming June 30th, "The Darkside" will see the light of day! This song has been a long time coming and I'm super pumped this day is arriving.

So, the deal is: Join the FB Event and you'll be able to download my new single for free for the first 12hrs once the event starts. I'll post a link on that day for you to follow the digital road to happy eardom's ville : )


Official Preview of,'The Darkside'

Here is a sneak peek at what I've been working on lately, my newest single, "The Darkside". This is the current pre-production version of the song. The official release is June 2016.

Stayed tuned for more details and a release date.

'The Darkside' Preview this Friday the 13th!

This coming Friday the 13th, make sure to come back and check out a preview of my new single,"The Darkside"!

The first social account I will release this preview will be on my Reverbnation account. The link is below if you would like to connect with me on RN before the release.

Reverbnation Profile

Studio Time is Back in Season!

I'm so excited for this next song to come out! She's been lying around for a while now (forever it seems!) and I'm finally working on it the way it needs to be done. This is one of my favorite songs to date!

Make sure to check back for a preview of the newest single,"The Darkside"! The Official Preview Announcement Date will be revealed soon.

Ba'aaaand Pic Time!

Check out a pic of my new and current band lineup! Aaron - drums/ Alec - guitar / Joel - bass.

Wanna see more?!

Behind the Scenes Sound Check Goodness!

Here's a behind the scenes sound check video of us playing the first bit of,"That Place", off of the CULMINATION EP, at the amazing Aztec Theater show earlier this month.

Check out the Video

BIG THANKS to RAW and our supporters!

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to all those who supported Sounds of Sovereignty's debut as an Official RAW Artist yesterday! The Aztec Theater was such a kick ass pleasure to play and I hope to be there with my band again soon.

I also, and of course, want to thank RAW for accepting us as one of their own. Big ups y'all!!

There will be lots of killer pics to post when I get them from the photographer, so be on the lookout on here and my Facebook!

Showtime Quickly Approaching! Awwww, ye'ah!

Come on out and love life with the local San Antonio Creative Community! Get your Tix online before Feb 1st with the link below, save $5 off of the door and also get a butt-load of free gifts from me to you!

If you can't make the show or live out of state, this is a great opportunity to become an official sponsor of Sounds of Sovereignty. Make sure to Email or FB Message your name (used to purchase tickets) and the email you want your goodies delivered to.

Check Out the Event

Exciting News! And Happy New Year!

Sooo pumped to be a part of the RAW event in San Antonio next month!

This isn't just a Sounds of Sovereignty show or just a music show at all. These RAW events are set up to showcase a shit-ton of talent in the local area. Fashion, film, art, jewelry, music and more. Turnout estimates are at around 800, so this will be some seriously good times!

Come on out and love life with the community ; ). Get your Tix online before Feb 1st with the link below and save $5.

Ge'it Your Tix!

Debut EP, CULMINATION, wins Best Hard Rock EP!

So pumped to not only have my debut EP, 'CULMINATION', reviewed by The Akademia team, but to also be selected as having the Best Hard-Rock EP out of hundreds of submissions in my genre, is pretty damn cool.

Much thanks and big ups to Akademia for the support and good wishes!

Check Out The Award Page!

Rockin' Hard Like a Dog This Friday at Bonds!

Get your pretty mugs out this Friday doing something cool! Something like drinking and jammin' w/ us at Bonds Rock Bar in SA, TX. Great PA, so you know you'll be gettin' those ear horns of yours a full blastin' ; )

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"Focus" free download for 24hrs!

You heard right! Now go'wn 'head and ge'it some! Take your choice of these options:

Reverbnation SoundCloud Bandcamp

Downloads Section Added!

There's just been a new Downloads section added to the website! I hope you cruise on over and get yourself some snazzy Sounds of Sovereignty media for your computer and your phone.

Right now there's some cool wallpaper designs inspired by my new single,"Focus", that you can grab for your desktop, iPhone or Android phone as well.

Feel free to let me know how you like them or what you would like to see by shootin' me over an email or FB message/comment.

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"Focus" 2nd Preview. Less than a week until release!

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Official Pre-iTunes Single Release Date Set!

I'm so pumped to announce that the official release date for my new single,"Focus", has been set December 1st, 2015!!

Find out more about how you can get this new fully mixed and mastered single free for 24hrs:

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Come and Ge'it Your Rock On with Us!

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This Friday's Show Has Been Cancelled by the Venue : /

Due to multiple bands dropping from this Friday's show at Bond's Rock Bar, the venue decided to cancel. Sucks, yes, be we shall see better days very soon!!

Stay posted for upcoming shows.

New single,"Focus", sneak peek!!

This is a demo snippet from my upcoming single,"Focus", coming out soon.

...never let them hold you down if you want it, if you want it then go on if you want it, go on you know it won't be long if you want it go on go on! we need to know the truth...

Soundcloud Connect!

Be verry Afraid! ...but still come out ; )

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This Friday, October 2nd at Bonds Rock Bar!!


We're a'Rockin' with Fallout at Bond's Rock Bar!

Oct 2, 2015 - 8:00p
450 Soledad St - San Antonio, TX
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Sweet .gif from last week's show!

Sounds of Sovereignty being spewed all over the place at last Saturday's show at the The Amp Room!

This Saturday at The Amp Room in S.A., TX!

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New Logo & Visual Stimulation

Just a quick live teaser video of one of our recent performances that introduces the new Sounds of Sovereignty logo. Hope you dig it! If you do, please share ; )

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Acoustic Freestyle

Been doing a lot of thinking lately, so I picked up ye ol' geetar and let a little bit of it out. More videos of all kinds on their way. Don't miss them!

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Zombies Show = Fak yeah!

Thanks to Zombies, the bands, Dj Mighty Iris of 103.3 The App, Rob my camera man, and Josh from Skeetopia/ for a killer start to the month of August!!

We've got some great shows and events coming up. We hope that you can come GE'IT SOME w/ us!!

"ALIVE & KICKIN'" @Zombies w/ Rain on the Aftermath!


Full on LIVE set w/ our buds in Rain on The Aftermath.

August 1st, 2015 at 9:00 PM


Come check us out for our first time at Zombies!!


Drink Specials: $1.00 Jello Shots - $2.00 Zombie and Starfker Shots - $3.00 Jim, Jack, and Jager Shots…. Bar opens 5pm Happy Hour 5 – 8pm / with $1.50 domestics and $2.00 wells.

Bands start 9:30 $5 COVER 21 & UP

We open the show so get there on time

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This Saturday the 18th Acoustic set @The Raven Hookah Lounge


Acoustic Set of the CULMINATION EP

July 18, 2015 at 11:30 PM

Details (www.ravenhookah.com): BYOB Hookah Lounge 18+ to enter, no exceptions 21+ for byob

Pricing/Specials: NEVER A COVER WITH HOOKAH PURCHASE otherwise $5
BYOB: $4/person or $2/person with just one hookah purchase Hookah Happy Hour til 8pm every day (25% off hookah orders)

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TONIGHT at The Korova!! It's an early one so get there by 7p!

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Drinkin' Brews & Playin' Tunes!

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IT'S SHOWTIME!! Get your PreSale on now!

Pre-Prod Studio Work: Tracking Drums

Doing some pre-production drum tracking for a 'yet to be titled' new song. I use my KAT1 e-drum kit as a midi controller and just pipe that into my music software (Mixcraft7) and then use the drums sounds from within.

I recorded this video with my iPhone5 and Nikon camera. I'll get better at doing higher-quality videos for sure, so keep checking back. Better yet, just sign up to my Mailing List and you'll get this stuff right in your inbox! You'll also be given my 5 song EP for free! If that ain't badass, I'm not sure what is, com'on n'ow ya hear!

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A Bit-O-Rehearsal Goodness

(3 of 4 members shown, left to right: Jamal, Justin, me)

A sneak peek into our rehearsal space! It's tight & just right, ha. More good stuff to come folks!!

The Band is COMPLETE!

I'm super pumped to announce that I have found a guitarist and that now completes my band!! There is a lot to be said about the group of musicians I’m working with now, but we’ll let you determine that when you come see us for yourself, live & loud. Rehearsals are already underway and the band is just as excited as I am about getting these songs and this show out there.

This really is a great time to start following me on ye ol’ social channels (facebook/twitter/youtube, all linked above in the header) to get a chance to watch things unfold from point zero. The culmination of another chapter of this project called Sounds of Sovereignty is here.

Holy Sh*t! Bassist. Spot. Filled. Yeah boi!

Yeah, you read right, I now have a bassist! I didn't expect to find this guy so fast, but luckily for me, I know a guy who knew this guy. Quick learner, check. Sweet basstone, check. Cool dude, check. Let's do this.

All I need now is a 2nd guitarist. We're almost there! Whoop! This little ol' dream of mine is getting closer and closer by the day. If you're down for the cause, please show support in any way you can. Thanks so much in advance.

Guitarist Position Still Open

Make Sure to Follow Me for Updates

With all of the craziness going on with getting my band together to take my EP to the people, the best way to stay up to date is, you guessed it, through (let's say it together now) social media.

Give me a follow!

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I've officially added a drummer!

After some great auditions for the drummer position, the spot has been filled! I snagged a fantastic San Antonio drummer, originally from Cali, that has years of studio, live shows, and touring experience under his belt. My songs instantly felt proper on this audition so the decision for me was an instant no-brainer.

Official single member introductions with biographies and pics will be posted in the near future.

I still need other members so if you're interested in playing some kick ass live shows with me or know anyone that is capable and willing, please send them here:

Be in My Band

Released my EP!!

Finally! After many, many years of being a guitarist in bands, (all great, I love all my old true bandmates) I've finally released a collection of my own songs to the public. This release came in the form of a 5-song EP titled, ‘CULMINATION’.

These songs were all written by myself, Brandon Soto, in 2014. Later in the year I started the recording process, which I also decided to take on with my own hands. It is my hopes that you will like my EP enough to download it, that you will truly let these songs entertain you, and, if you are inclined to do so, to share my music with someone who you feel will respect and enjoy it. Thank you so much for stopping by my website please sign up for my mailinglist and grab some free tunage by clicking below!

Sign up & Jam out!

Looking for Serious Musicians - Submissions Still Open

After writing a fair share of new material and starting to focus on recording these songs for release on my debut EP, my mind started to switch gears to the live performance component of all of this, aka, my favorite f*#king thing to do on this planet; ever.

The next logical step in bringing my music ideals to fruition, is to not only keep creating my best music, but also in obtaining a badass band to play with me.

Interested? Please continue