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Some Recent Updates

We've Got Some Shows Coming Up!

Whether you're in Austin or San Antonio, in June we've got somethin' for you! Check out and join the FB events below and we absolutely look forward to seeing you there.

6.7.18 - Austin Show 6.15.18 - San Antonio Show

Opening for Powerman 5000 at the Rock Box in San Antonio!

We are super pumed and excited to announce that we'll be opening up for Powerman 5000 at the Rock Box in San Antonio, TX for one of their their PowerMan 5000 New Wave Tour 2018 tour dates!

Certainly want to thank Din Productions for setting us with this show!

Video for 'FOCUS' Reaches over 10k views on Facebook!

Awww'yeah!! We want to send a huge THANK YOU to all of those who checked out our full video for 'FOCUS'. In just about a week's time the video received over 10k views on Facebook alone!! And those of you who shared our video, we seriously fuggin' love you!! Sharing really is caring, it helps sooo much.

We've got a lot in store this year. It's going to be awesome!

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Official Video for 'FOCUS' Online!

Sooo, if you happened to have missed that big ass video on the front page of the website, the music video for 'FOCUS' has been released!! We are all super stoked at how this video came together with the KICK'ASS work from Tony of Santa Ana Creations! Dude, you fuggin' done'kilt'it! We couldn't be more proud to show this video off to all who will take the time to view it : )

We would also like to thank 1850 Settlement for letting us film this video on at their location. Great staff and really cool place. Thank you!

Thinkin' you prolly want to add this to your Spotify playlist eh? Yeah, I hear you, here you go: 'FOCUS' on Spotify

Video Shoot for 'FOCUS'!

Super pumped to let you all know that a music video for 'FOCUS' will be posted soon! The shoot went great the other week and we're all super amped to show this to you all!

We'll be gettin' our show on in Austin for the first week of SXSW 2018!

We're definitely super pumped about hitting the stages in Austin this coming March! Check out the event flyers and links to the events themselves for information.

Our March 11th 2018 Show

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Our March 13th 2018 Show

This may look weird as the event also says 'March 11th' on FB but we're on Day 3, March 13th. Just a heads up.

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Take a look-see at the cover art design for my new EP,'Emergence'!

New EP Release Details & More

The album cover design for my new EP, officially titled 'Emergence', will be unveiled shortly, along with details about its release date. Very excited about this!

Also, booking shows has begun for the new year! Show announcements are'a'comin'.

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VIDEO: EP Tracking Sessions Part 3 is Here!

Part 3 of a behind the scenes look into my recording journey for my newest, untitled, release. You'll hear parts from one of those new songs,"Get Some(one) Tonight"!

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VIDEO: EP Tracking Sessions Part 2

Take another behind the scenes look into my recording journey for my newest, untitled, release. You'll hear parts from one of those new songs,"Say Something More"!

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Quick Band Update

As many of you know, I've been in the process of assembling a new live band for gigging recently. I've had quite a few interested and talented musicians turn out, which I'm so grateful for, and I'm dwindling selections down the actual band members at this point. To say I'm excited at this point is an understatement.

There are some good show opportunities coming around, so I'm super pumped to get things moving forward and uber pumped to start playing the tunes from the new EP for folks! Stay tuned for more info.

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VIDEO: EP Tracking Sessions Part 1

Take a behind the scenes look into my recording journey for my newest, untitled, release. You'll hear parts from one of those new songs,"Wasting My Time"!

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More Studio Session Photos Added to Gallery

Some new pictures from my Edgewater Studios recording session have been posted to the Image Gallery! Check 'em out! Feel free to share if you're so inclined to do so ; )

Some compiled studio footage videos will be coming to light soon as well, so be on the lookout for that!

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